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Hello and thanks for checking out the site.  For many years, I have been on the air, behind the scenes and involved in many aspects of programming and building great radio station brands.


On-air personalities constantly crave feedback, guidance and encouragement to get better.  What I've found these days is that they are not getting it nearly as often as they should. PD's have multiple responsibilities, multiple stations and many times aircheck sessions fall down the priority list.  Not good.

In other entertainment genres like professional athletes, coaches analyze their game, their swing, their defensive skills and their overall approach to the game, making sure their contribution is always focused toward the team goal.   Winning!  

I can help you get better, find new ways to communicate with your listeners and improve your show, your career and whatever dreams you may have in the radio business. Whether you're already on-the-air or looking to send that first, killer aircheck, let's work together as a team.  

You know you’re good but you need to be great!



Creating a morning show from scratch requires strong market knowledge, patience and constant positive reinforcement.  The Giovanni & Kim In The Morning Show on 92 PRO-FM in Providence, RI is one of my proudest accomplishments.  They continue to be the most listened to morning show in Providence, dominating ratings in key demographics for over 20 years!

Giovanni, Tony & Gary Berkowitz at the RI Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 2012.

Tony & Gary Berkowitz at the Rhode Island Radio Hall Of Fame induction.

"Tony Bristol is a "jock's jock."  He will make you a better talent thanks to his many years of programming as well as being on the air."


Gary Berkowitz,

Berkowitz Broadcast Consulting

"Tony Bristol has been a solid, on-air personality for a long time.  His experience and ear for great air talent will help make good jocks great. Having him as a coach will produce results you’ll hear on the air immediately."  

Scott Shannon

Radio Legend/Morning Personality

WCBS-FM New York

“Tony will use his experience of working with both high profile morning shows and great overall talent to not only make sure you are maximizing your daily prep to create compelling content, but most importantly work with you as a talent to relate well to your target audience in each of your breaks.”


Jim Richards- Vallie-Richards-Donovan Consulting

“Coaching air talent isn’t easy—there has to be a great balance of honest feedback combined with a heavy dose of positive reinforcement and validation. Tony has the credentials that will get immediate “buy-in” from the talent—and the battle-tested, real-world experience that gets respect, thus guaranteeing it shows up right away on the air.”  


Tim Moore-Program Director-iHeartMedia/New Hampshire

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